Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Media roundup includes Hunters View

Once notoriously marginalized and all but forgotten, San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood has been getting more attention in recent years for the positive activity that's been going on all along.  Bayview Footprints and Quesada Gardens neighbors couldn't be more pleased.

Here's a very recent sampling of what folks are saying in the media:

Today's edition of the SF Chronicle visits Hunters View in the article "Hopeful designs in Hunters Point projects" by John King.

"We're getting new families mixing with the old ones.  Things don't feel so isolated.  It's starting to gel."  Isaac Latchison, 44-year Hunters View resident

"A place like Hunters View didn't feel like San Francisco.  Instead of being socially and culturally integrated with the rest of the city, it was a virtual gulag of isolation."  Daniel Solomon, Mithun/Soloman

The design is good.  It's not enough."  Jack Gardner, President of John Stewart Co.

See Bayview Footprints' recent story about Hunters View and Kathy Perry, along with lots of great pictures.

And this tidbit...

"With an emphasis on affordability, the market is one of the better bargains in town, with many items as low as $3 and a weekly $5 menu. The market has a liquor license and will soon be selling wine from Gratta Wines."  7x7SF posted a story and pictures about Market on Third

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