Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Harvest at Northridge Cooperative Homes Community Garden

Mishwa Lee talks with volunteers.  Photo: Footprints
These images are from a harvest festival at Northridge Cooperative Homes Community Garden just off Westbrook Court in Bayview Hunters Point.  The garden is a group effort under the leadership of Mishwa Lee.  

The harvest festival was Saturday, October 25th, just in time for Halloween.  The pumpkin patch was right on queue.

Northridge resident, Antoinette Mobley (Ms. Toni, below), told Footprints that she could see the garden coming together outside her window.  "It seemed so natural," Antoinette said.  "This neighborhood has always been a place for gardens.  It's almost like this one has been here forever."

While the garden is a restful and beautiful place that has inspired dozens of neighbors to participate, project organizer Mishwa was animated and all smiles about something most visitors probably don't notice: the tool shed.

"The youth put it together," Mishwa said.  "It took some time, and many hands, but they did what the adults just couldn't seem to manage." 
Antoinette Mobley watched the garden blossom from her window.  Photo: Footprints
The garden nestles an a gentle hillside by the community homes.  Photo: Footprints

More than one neighbor talked about how good the greens from the garden are!  Photo: Footprints

The pumpkin patch was a seasonal and picturesque feature of the harvest fest.  Photo: Footprints

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