Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tom Galante, Bayview hero, passes

Longtime Quesada Avenue resident, Tom Galante, passed away after a brief illness on Friday, October 9th.

Tom was a familiar face in Bayview.  He managed the Bay View Federal Savings and Loan on 3rd and Quesada, just half a block from his home.  He served as President of the Bayview Merchants Association, and as a Commissioner for the Southeast Community Facility Commission.

He was also a Co-Founder of Quesada Gardens Initiative, which blossomed on the block where he lived.  While he was a Board Member, Board Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer for the group, he may be best remembered as the friendly guy who managed to feed a lot of volunteers for a few dollars. 

Tom had been a longtime volunteer with the San Francisco Ducal Court.  In his final months, he was cared for by his partner, Tony Tarket.

See more about Tom online now.

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Unknown said...

Tom was truly a hero. He and Tony were some of the first neighbors we met when we moved in next door to them some 5+ years ago. At the time, I was a single mom with two kids moving into an amazing home and community on Quesada. They always kept an eye on us and made sure we were safe. Tom's garden was always open to my kids for science experiments and materials to build cool stuff. He will be deeply missed. Our love and prayers go out to Tony. We have to ban together and make sure we take good care of him just as they have always taken care of their community! Warmly, Hydra, Eric, Ashoka and Santi xoxo

amy said...

So sad to hear about Tom's passing. He was a generous and everpresent person at the QG's!--Amy Crumpacker

amy said...

So sad to hear about the everpresent and generous Tom Galnate's passing. --Amy Crupacker, Not Your Grammy's Theater