Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pet Camp

First published in a 2008 print edition of Bayview Footprints Local News.

Need time away from home? How about camping, or a safari? Or just hanging out by the pool with your friends for awhile?

The place to go is in Bayview at 525 Phelps. But, before you pack, you should know that the vacation is for your dog or cat. Sorry! It's Pet Camp, a unique business that, has been providing a warm, caring and fun home away from home for pets since 1997.

Pet Camp is the creation of Mark Klaiman and Virginia Donohue, entrepreneurs who understand both business and community responsibility.

Grace enjoys a dip in the pool under
Michael's care. Mark Klaiman (right), Pet Camp
co-owner was the Bayview Merchants Association
Secretary at the time this article was published.
Photo: Footprints
"When I walk around the block," Klaiman said, "I know every business person, and they know me."

He's not just talking about an idle stroll."Business people have a moral obligation to be part of the community," he continued. "We need to be good neighbors."

That perspective was acknowledged during Business Week this year when Klaiman added to Pet Camp's long list of awards the PG&E Green Business Award for being the only pet boarding business in the country that is certified "Green."

This story was first published in 20078 as part of a Bayview Footprints Local News print edition honoring neighborhood businesses.

When we think about "community-building," we don't always think about business - but maybe we should. Bayview businesses continually prove that they are interested in far more than the bottom line. We've brought you profiles of community-minded businesses in past issues, and we dedicate most of this issue to the topic of Business and Community.

We wish there was space enough in these pages to profile every business in Bayview. Business "especially small business" is a vital artery of any neighborhood. As Bayview residents build community to reawaken neighborhood strengths, local businesses are engaged in a connected and equally important process. We celebrate those visionary and caring business leaders.

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