Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Illegal dumping hits Bayview hard! One resident takes action

In a SF chronicle story last week, Neal J Riley found Rodney Hampton and Ian Schneider on a nighttime stakeout of a Bayview warehouse waiting to spot someone dumping trash.

At the Latona Community Garden,
illegal dumping was one reason
community builders got
together in the first place.
Photo: Footprints
Is the littering problem in San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood really worth all the effort? In a place located just shy of the City's dump, where legal dumping costs money, the piles of garbage speak for themselves.

Rodney and Ian were really looking out for "hauling companies and contractors illegally dumping hazardous waste by the truckload," according to the article.

But as Diane Smith tells Footprints, neighborhood residents sometimes get in on the action, both as litterbugs and clean street advocates.

by Diane Smith "Action Neighbor"

Illegal dumping is happening with more frequency, and we must be watchful and report the crime.

These criminals, yes they are criminals because dumping or discarding items on the street is against the law, apparently think they can continue to use our streets as their personal dumping ground.

On a recent evening, I was going to make my usual right turn up Meade Avenue, and saw a man leaving his house on 3rd Street dragging his bundle of trash with the intention of walking up to Le Conte Avenue & Jennings to illegally dump his unwanted items.

You know I stand up for what I believe in, so I was compelled to follow him and tell him that dumping is illegal. Well, needless to say, I had the pleasure of escorting him and his trash back to his own home ... to let him know I'm his neighbor, AND that we homeowners are very serious about illegal dumping.

Some people are illegally dumping with more frequency.  Near my home on Le Conte Circle, it's three to four times a week.

If you see someone illegally dumping, report it to the City by dialing 311.  311 will connect you with DPW and Rodney Hampton, who responded quickly to me. He even promised to make routine inspections of our area for signs of dumped items and have them removed.

If you have the address of the illegal dumper, DPW would appreciate getting it to send the person a notice. (Note: The only reason I didn't report the man I followed is because I don't believe he'll be walking up here with his trash again.)
Together we can keep our community safe and clean! 

Diane is not only a good neighbor, she is also the host of "San Francisco News TV!" which airs on Channel 29 every month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7:30, and on Channel 76 on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6pm.

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