Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bayview Hill Concepts Discussed

Roana Tirado, a masters student in the schools of landscape architecture and regional planning at Cornell University has completed a visioning process for Bayview Hill.

Roana Tirado presents her findings for Bayview Hill.
Bayview Hill, which rises on the southern side of Bayview, "features some of the most diverse habitats the City has to offer," Roana says in her report.

That, Roana feels, is inconsistent with how the hill seems disconnected even from Bayview and other nearby neighborhoods.
Hot tip: Roana says that a "Friends of Bayview Hill" group may be forming.
"As the highest publicly accessible point in the Southeast Waterfront, Bayview Hill effectively acts as the southern terminus of San Francisco's Blue Greenway," Roana writes. " such, it should be considered one of the Greenway's signature spaces."

Roana was excited to share a bit about "a potential future connection at the top of Bayview Hill," as illustrated by the rendering pictured here.

For more information, email Roana, or call her at 510.504.6867.

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