Thursday, September 26, 2013

New community radio project underway

BVHP Radio founder John Weiss has launched BVHP Radio and seeks community journalists and other content providers. 

John tells Footprints that "BVHP Radio is community-improvement radio. It carries the torch of SF Village Voice Radio, yet takes a fresh approach."

Community journalists of all ages are encouraged to document personal stories and Bayview history. Participants can come away with media skills they may not have had when they started.

BVHP Radio is applying for a legal Low Power FM Broadcast License from the Federal Communication Commission, which means you won't need a computer to listen. 

"This is a very competitive process," John said.  "You can show your support for community radio by signing BVHP Radio's petition." 

Find the petition and more information online, or email John.

Sample a Bayview Footprints Local News audio version that emerged from the BVHP Radio project now.  We'd love to what you think via blog comment or email.

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