Thursday, July 25, 2013

Artist loves new local service

Tony Hurd loves a new local service.  Photo: Footprints
Tony Hurd at Creative Living and Design gave Footprints a peek into his creative hub located in the Industrial Triangle near Bayshore.  Tony uses repurposed materials and innovative techniques in a wide range of projects from landscaping elements to converted shipping containers.

Among his large-scale design projects were several that used a new laser water-cutting service being offered by SF Victoriana, located at 2040 Newcomb Avenue in the shadow of the overpass.

"It's really affordable," Tony said.  "The detail you can get even in metal is amazing, and the pieces that are cut out can be used in creative ways."

John DiCarlo has a great video about Tony on Vimeo. 
Check it out  

And thank you, Tony, for the tour!

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