Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yvonne Hines to sweeten Macy's

Yvonne Hines will share her melt-in-your-mouth cookie magic at Macy's Cellar on Saturday Frebruary 23rd at 2pm.
Inspired by her late grandmother Vermell Hines, Yvonne Hines is living out a family legacy of serving mouth-watering homemade southern sweets since 2003.
A San Francisco native, Yvonne began at home perfecting a recipe given to her by a close family friend, and sharing her creations with family, friends and co-workers. Her special recipe for pralines, a confection pecan candy originating from the Old South, earned rave reviews for delicious authentic flavor. Everyone encouraged Yvonne to share her tasty treats with others.
Always enterprising, Yvonne got serious about making her pralines, and began expanding her offerings to include other specialty desserts such as ol' school butter cookies, sweet potato pies, peach cobblers, and cakes for small parties and social gatherings. Small order requests quickly grew into orders for large local civic and social events serving hundreds.
Yvonne opened her store, Yvonne's Southern Sweets, on 3rd Street in the Bayview Hunters Point community in 2006. Yvonne's Southern Sweets is still a family affair. Shavonne, Yvonne's 9-year-old daughter, is her mom's biggest fan and helps continue the Hines' sweet tradition.

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