Saturday, January 19, 2013

Volunteers love the gardens

Recipe for a beautiful day in Bayview: 1 part group event with Airbnb, 1 part Quesada Gardens Every Saturday Volunteer Day, and 1 part National Day of Service.  Stir in a dozen resident leaders and cap with blue skies.  Voila!

The concoction creates its own warmth, and a whiff of it makes pretty much anyone smile.

Before the day was done, Quesada Garden had a new lemon tree thanks to Maya, Mei Ling (pictured above) and crew (pictured 2nd from top), and has a lot less dead wood, litter and Oxalis, thanks to Shane, Doreen, Wendy, Dylan, and new Bayviewites Jack and Daynas (pictured 3rd from top).  

The Latona Community Garden got some Oxalis-pulling love, too.  And the Palou Community!  (Pictured at top) Chris lead the way.  Airbnb brought volunteers.  Shu cooked up a great lunch.  Malia Cohen stopped by.  Co-Founders Claire and Elizabeth were there.  Lots of kids.  Great fun!

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