Monday, January 7, 2013

Free home upgrades near freeways

The fact that Bayview Hunters Point is a great neighborhood for commuters comes at a cost for neighbors who live near freeways.
Bayview Hunters Point is the only SF neighborhood sliced by two freeways. That means residents here are more at risk for respiratory health problems than those who live in more affluent neighborhoods.
Some of those residents, who live especially close to freeways, may be able to breathe easier in their homes one day soon.
As a result of the Mirant Power Plant closure deal, money is available for home upgrades such as sealed outer walls, improved furnace filtration, and newly installed fans. Those upgrades could keep traffic pollution out, reduce the circulation of what gets in, and get rid of other pollutants and mold-causing moisture.
Folks who get the free stuff, being offered by City agencies and the local affiliate of Rebuilding Together, will be part of a demonstration project that will be evaluated for its effectiveness.
Those interested are encouraged to contact the City project partners right away, as funding is limited.  Call 415.905.1611.

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