Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DPW Annual Report - southeast perspective

It takes some time to leaf through the 102 page SF Department of Public Works' 2012 Annual Report to find items relevant to the Southeast Sector. So Bayview Footprints did it for you.
Stairs by Margot Bors
The Arelious Stairway as it now looks.
Photo courtesy Margo Bors

According to the report which was released last month, the Arelious Stairway Replacement project "stives to provide safer public access and further enhance the character and livability of the neighborhood."

Other highlights:

DPW responded to 22,728 reports of illegal dumping this year, dispatching crews to clear debris from sidewalks and streets -- approximately 62 reports each day." (p11)

"DPW continued to clean 25 hotspots in southeastern San Francisco with the CalRecycle grant, which funds two years of cleaning." (p17)

The Corridors Ambassador Program has hired and trained 150 street sweepers who are dedicated to specific communities. Hiring for the program is a partnership with SF Human Services Agency, Goodwill, Mission Neighoborhood Center and Ecnonomic Opportunity Council.

Spruce Up by Sun Up is "an inspection program where DPW inspectors set out before dawn to look for and address issues that affect the quality of life in San Francisco, such as missing or inadequate garbage service, sidewalk cleanliness, and graffiti and blight issues."

In one 20-week period, 6,060 deficiencies were found "including 1687 instances of graffiti on public and private property, 1883 tree-related issues, 1186 private entity issues, and 667 other city agency issues. 361 properties were cited for no garbage service and 933 Notices of Violation (NOV) were issued to property owners for grimy, littered sidewalks or excessive cigarette butts." (p21)

"Currently, DPW BDC is managing the construction of the Heron's Head Park Improvement project, which upon completion will enhance the educational and recreational use of the park with the followuing new features: a parking lot, a meadow, a dog run, picnic areas with barbeque pits and tables, composting toilets, solar powered light fixtures, and paving for the 12' wide path which leads over half a mile into the San Francisco Bay with GraniteCrete, a patented paving product..." (p36)

"A ground breaking ceremony for the new Bayview Branch Library was held and the building is scheduled to be completed in early 2013." (p53)

- Jeffrey Betcher

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