Friday, November 30, 2012

Cody Reynolds gets creative at Krispy Korners

Cody Reynolds clearly loves his garden.  It is an expansion
of the first Krispy Korner Community Garden built in 2010. 
Photo: Jeffrey Betcher

Cody Reynolds is a man of many talents.  His love of gardening, art, cooking and his ever-evolving live-work space in Bayview have converged in what is known as Krispy Korners Community Garden.

Cody is part of a community of creative neighbors living on the eastern edge of the neighborhood, near the Bay at the base of Hunters Point Hill, where light industry meets residential homes.  He joined with some of his nearby neighbors and Quesada Gardens organizers in the Summer of 2010 to build a handsome mini-garden at the intersection of Crisp, Schafter and Palou.  More.

That garden remains productive, and regularly produces bumper crops of tomatos in a neighborhood where other gardeners struggle with those plants.  Cody has expanded the project to other urban pockets in the immediate area with fruit trees and container planting that produce food for neighbors' tables and food businesses.

Cody regularly hosts "Your Cabana," with his partner Tony Jones.  Your Cabana is an informal business that brings friends and neighbors together to share food Cody creates from ingredients that include vegetables and fruits grown within view of his front door.
Raised on a horse ranch in Southern California, Cody is no stranger to hard work, and is known for spurts of creative energy.  He may be found redecorating his live-work space on a whim, or adding art and planting containers to the Krispy Korners project as his spirit moves.
Cody has helped Carla Eagleton with work on a portion of the Quesada Gardens median strip, and has often led teams of volunteers there and at Krispy Korners.  He is passionate about gardening, and believes the beauty he and other gardeners are bringing to the heart of Bayview through informal projects is a key to creating the community he envisions.

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