Friday, September 21, 2012

Youth discover opportunity in agriculture

Frequent Footprints contributor and food correspondent Kenneth Hill had an externship this summer at Northridge Coop Community Garden. He offers us a glimpse of his experience, and thanks everyone who made a meaningful field trip possible.

by Kenneth Hill, Food Guardians

I’m working with youth in an attempt to inspire them to take part in some form of agriculture with the underlining motive of getting the youth to eat healthier and be physically active as a daily part of their lives.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking the youth on a trip to Tarlesson Family Farm in Capay, California where they not only got to see produce produced on a larger scale, but also saw potential career opportunities in the agriculture business. Rev. Tarlesson led us on the tour of his farm, and did a great job of conveying the potential career opportunities to the youth in a way that was engaging, relevant and fun.

On the fun side, I believe taking this trip has left a meaningful impression on the youth. They got to see many fruits and vegetables they’d never seen or heard of, interacted with livestock like goats and chickens, and drank water from a well. Lastly, yet most importantly, the youth saw another aspect of life.

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