Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lucky Friday the 13th at All Good Pizza

Earl Shaddix, a new Bayview resident who lives at 4800 Third Street had an idea that the owners of All Good Pizza and the Quesada Gardens Initiative community loved: He would make his amazing cherries jubilee, Matt Trahan of All Good Pizza would make ice cream from Straus Family Cream, Matt and partner Kristin Houk would kick-off a Friday evening pizza party tradition, and the Quesada folks would invite their friends.

Great idea confirmed! On Friday evening, July 13th, pizzas sold out. Quesada Gardens Initiative made enough money to feed volunteers for months to come. And Earl, a food pro, not only felt good about his contribution but had a great time finding the groove that four people in a food truck must find to co-exist.

"It was so amazing to look out and see so many people gathered on our little corner, that just months ago was filled with trash and a total scum spot," Kristin said.

Quesada Gardens Initiative's Board Vice Chair, Chris Waddling, helped with the event organizing. 

"You can't help but love Bayview when great ideas and great people come together so beautifully," he said.

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