Friday, July 27, 2012

Gloria Stamp sets standard for 'neighborliness'

When something hurts a neighbor, most of us wish we could help. When fire devasted the home of the Perez family on Lucy Street across from Gloria Stamp's house, Gloria did more than wish...she got busy.

On Saturday, July 28th, a block fundraiser that Gloria organized will unite neighbors, express a community's concern, make a practical contribution to a family in need, and raise the standard for neighborliness.

Fundraiser set-up begins at 9am

Activities will start about 10am

Food will be ready about noon

Lucy Street is located just west of 3rd Street (connects Thornton and Williams, near the Latona Community Garden above the 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic, just south of Charles Drew School)

Like so many neighbors in Bayview, the Perez and Stamp families are different from one another...on the surface. But as Gloria says in her flyer to the community:

Once in a while a cause with such tragic intensity and so overwhelming in importance is brought to our attention that it transcends any consideration of race, creed or color.

Please come! This is Bayview at its best. The Perez family still tends members in the hospital facing skin graft surgeries. Their house was gutted by the fire, and all possessions were lost.

This is a family-friendly event. Gloria has lined up donations from many community businesses, expects local politicos to make appearances, and has arranged for a DJ and a jumper for kids.

Donation checks, made payable to "Carmen Perez," may be mailed to 25 Lucy Street SF CA 94124.

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