Monday, June 18, 2012

Changing Bayview food scene

Matt Trahan and Kristin Houk paused recently, outside their mobile food business, to talk about the changing food scene in Bayview.

"I love that people are discovering what kale is for the first time," Kristin said. 

All Good Pizza, located on a recently cleaned-up lot at the intersection of 3rd, Jerrold and Newhall, joins other new fooderies and more established ones as part of an emerging Bayview food scene that offers a range of choices.

Food in Bayview can be fast or slow, served on formica or table clothes, and enjoyed outside or in. Health and sustainability are newer themes, while the "yum factor" is universal.

Old Skool Cafe, where service and entertainment are provided by youth learning life and job skills, is a social enterprise. Radio Africa and Kitchen maintains a garden and emerged from the local world of mobile food. Yvonne's Southern Sweet's brings a touch of southern charm to 3rd Street, and includes sugar-free butter cookies in its product line.

If you have a taste for a burger, BBQ or fried fish, more traditional fare can be easily found. For instance, Crown Burgers on 3rd Street, the oldest restaurant in continual operation in the neighborhood, still makes one of the best cheeseburgers around.

At All Good Pizza, Kristin and Matt are seeing new customers who are tired of the KFC across the street, and ready for a healthier option. They serve up healthy arugula and kale salads, along with pizzas and sandwiches made from local ingredients.

All Good Pizza has extended its hours. Tuesday through Sunday 10:30am to 3pm, and Friday evenings 5 to 10pm.

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