Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bayview food system in new book

A new book from St. Martin's Press features the Bayview-grown community building approach to improving access to food.

"Change Comes To Dinner: How vertical farmers, urban growers, and other innovators are revolutionizing how America eats," by Katherine Gustafson, chronicles a cross country trip in search of food system solutions.

"Surely there must be projects out there that approach gardening and farming as being more about the larger social purposes - community cohesion, skills building, empowerment, for example - than about the provision of food itself," Gustafson writes.

Gustafson found her project, she says, when "Quesada Avenue bloomed before me like an oasis in the desert."

Note: Many worthy food system innovators are profiled in Change Comes To Dinner, including the amazing folks in West Oakland working through City Slicker Farms and People's Grocery.

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