Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Young gardener writes about her community

The entire Quesada Gardens community is so proud of Serenity Williams who was presented with a National Gardening Association youth award at the Quesada Gardens Initiative event with Mayor Lee on March 13th.  Serenity gardens at the Bridgeview Teaching & Learning Garden, and wrote this essay:

My Community Garden
by Serenity Williams
February 2012

In my neighborhood garden we are planting food for everyone in our community.  The garden is colorful and has healthy snacks.  The healthy snacks are fruits and vegetables like strawberries, squash, cilantro, mint and apples.  The goal of our garden is to be able to give food to people who don’t have much or just to give good healthy food.  This garden I help in is shaped like a rectangle and its right outside of my home.  Inside our garden there are stones to walk on and different levels.

The role I play in the garden project is planting seeds and watering everything in our garden to keep the plants healthy. I spend an hour and a half in our community garden every week.  The good things that our garden has done are that it has grown good healthy food that we have eaten.

Environmental education is important because natural food is really good for the body instead of candy.  My efforts helped to care for the environment because people can just walk to our garden instead of using gas to go to the grocery store and spend money.

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