Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Students help express Palou community vision

Community design students from University of San Francisco have been working closely with Bayview residents involved with the Palou Community Project.  These amazing young people have produced beautiful new drawings, like the ones seen here, that reflect the vision of highly-involved residents for the place those residents live.

Bayview residents have been working on the project for several years, getting use agreements, insurance and other pieces of the open space puzzle in place.  Project Leader Chris Waddling now invites design feedback from anyone interested so that designs can be finalized and fundraising begun. 

The Palou Community Project is a part of the Quesada Gardens Initiative's network of community building projects.  It is another grassroots consensus-based project that, along with the dozens of other projects in the network, communicate how residents are empowered and working together to create positive change where they live.

Personal note from the students:
Hello residents of the Bayview Hunters Point community! As in semesters past, it continues to be a wonderful process and experience to work with all of you on this project and others. The USF team this semester consists of Nathaniel Eck, Sasha Doo, Ian Deyoung, Epi Novak and Professor Seth Wachtel. We have reviewed all design work completed by previous design teams as well as all of the previous community comments. We also had a group site visit where we had a great discussion and received additional comments and spawned some great new ideas. 

There are lots of ways to comment, including stopping by any Quesada Gardens Initiative project and just talking with neighbors.  You can also comment here, on the D10 blog, by email to the project leader, or by phone: 415.822.0800.

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