Sunday, December 4, 2011

Volunteer Coordinator Jacob Watta

Jacob Watta's normally pensive-looking face and clear brown eyes light up as he bends over to pull a fragrant leaf off of a plant festooned with flesh-colored flowers.

Watta found Quesada Gardens shortly after moving to Bayview from his home state of Pennsylvania. When walking to the library, he saw the median strip garden on the 1700 block of Quesada Avenue, and was so curious and excited about the discovery that he tracked down the resident leaders.

Watta began volunteering right away, and must have liked the experience. He became the group's official Volunteer Coordinator.

"I feel much happier and more attuned when I am working with plants," Watta explained when asked why he is so passionate about gardening. "It's very grounding."

Jacob has moved on since his work on Quesada, but is still honored as a teacher, group leader, and hard worker who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. 

On most Saturdays, you can find neighbors and visitors working in the projects that lace Quesada Avenue from 3rd Street, up the hill to Bridgeview Drive at Newhall Avenue.  Email Quesada Gardens to make arrangements for a group volunteer day, or for more information.

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Anonymous said...

gardening is the closest thing to god that I know.