Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bayview's people, plants and critters - recent pics!

From top to bottom:
  • Megan (center) brought her friends Andrew (second, left) and Jake (right) to join Bridgeview Gardens Joel (left), Sherry (with hat), and John (second, left) last Saturday.
  • Tony and Jake inspect the ripening plums on the Harrison's backyard fruit tree.
  • Annette, QGI's Co-Founding Gardener and Board Chair, shows us her new backyard garden.
  • Shujcca, a neighbor next door to the developing Palou Community Garden, is planting his new Baybloom Backyard Garden.
  • Jacob is QGI's volunteer coordinator, and can be found in one of the gardens most any day.
  • Tom is a neighbor, QGI's treasurer, and a fixture in the neighborhood who regularly prepares the lunch for Saturday volunteers.
  • Victor found Quesada Gardens on Craigslist, and made last Saturday his 3rd volunteer experience in the gardens.
  • Hean, a Balboa High School student, was working in the gardens, as usual last weekend.
  • The Conure parrots on Quesada are a noisy but cute couple.
  • The Quesada Gardens Canary Island Date Palms are golden with ripening dates.
  • This o'possum isn't having a good time, but needed to be relocated after outgrowing his cute phase and squatters rights in a Quesada house.
  • Tony found his camera just in time to catch this hawk, in a camera-shy moment, outside his home.
  • Lisa Foster's beautiful cherry tree was in full bloom not long ago.
  • One ripe tomato heralds the coming of the full crop at Bridgeview.
  • John Kosich shows young eggplants growing beneath green and purple-veined leaves at the Bridgeview Garden.

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