Monday, July 4, 2011

Bay View School 1951

Mary Grandin, an elementary school teacher in Bayview in the early 1950's, has sent pictures of herself and her students. This picture comes from Grandin's collection, and was particularly moving to Quesada Gardens Initiative members old enough to recall life at the time it was taken.

The QGI members recalled that the picture shows something rarely seen in other parts of the country 60 years ago: children holding hands across the racial divide while an adult takes a picture instead of telling them they should not be doing that. They reminisced that Bayview Hunters Point has always been ahead of the times when it comes to people who are different than one another getting along.

The Bay View School dates back to 1904, Grandin believes. The single-room building served younger and older students alike.

"Bay View was a wonderful old building," Grandin said. "High ceilings, double hung windows overlooking the bay and wide hallways."

Quesada Gardens members would love to know more. Anyone with more information about Bay View School is encouraged to call 415.822.0800 or email us.

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