Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New talent at Footprints Local

Elizabeth Skow, twenty-year San Franciscan and new Quesada Gardens block resident, is now a regular contributor to Bayview Footprints Local News.

Jeffrey writes:

It was thrilling enough when Liz moved in across the street from me a few months ago, because I knew that she is the kind of person you want living nearby: a caring, involved neighbor.

I had met her at a Bridgeview Garden gathering two years before, saw her reportage in the New Bay View Newspaper, and watched as she did a great story on Quesada Gardens co-organizer James Ross while earning her degree from San Francisco State University. 

That was when she began to fall in love with the Quesada block, she said later, and set her mind to join the movement of positive change emerging a resident.

Liz is a second generation journalist, whose work has appeared in the Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, and the San Mateo County Times. She grew up in New Hampshire, where her father, John Skow, a freelance magazine writer, taught her to write and to use a chainsaw, both skills she has found indispensable.

When the co-founders of the Network decided to start a vehicle for information about the positive things happening in our community, the involved community members worked together to deliver on that vision...and to earn your respect. That was 2006.

It has been a labor of love and volunteerism ever since. It has survived on the hope that it will generate small acts of kindness: perhaps you will forward this to a friend, get involved in something you might not know about otherwise, or express a feeling of pride about the place you live because of something you saw here.

The Bayview Footprints Network of Community Building Groups has never shied away from changing with the times. A deep community review of the network created changes we all are still benefiting from.

Now, we welcome Elizabeth Skow and the changes she will bring that will make this local news vehicle even better.

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