Tuesday, April 19, 2011

James Ross & the "Kentucky Gardens Initiative?"

You can take the man out of Quesada Gardens, but not Quesada Gardens out of the man. At least that appears to be the case with James Ross, who sends regards to his Bayview friends from Kentucky where he is spreading the love of community gardening and community media.

Those following the growth of the Quesada Gardens Initiative in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood will remember that James, along with his family, moved back to his hometown of Danville, Kentucky a year ago.

James is still remembered and missed on Quesada. He is a co-founder of QGI, was the coordinator of the Baybloom Backyard Gardens project, and became the best organizer any group could ask for. No one will be surprised to learn that he is doing community gardening work in Kentucky, emphasizing the value of backyard and small-space gardens.

In recent days, James and other community members, all part of a group known as The Danville Garden Club in Central Kentucky, planted ten trees. James is pictured above, pausing a moment during the planting.

He is also talking with other local-living and food production organizers near him on a new radio show called "Gardening with James" on WHBN AM every Saturday at 8am and online at hometownlive [dot] net. The show is designed along the same lines as "Life on the Block," a weekly Public Access Cable television show he produced in San Francisco.

After the first episode of his new show, James was stoked. "It was a blast," he said, "talking and teaching listeners how to grow a Butterfly Garden in their own backyard without having to spend a lot of money."

James, his wife Lisa and their sons Isaiah and Apollos are all well. Contact them by email.
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