Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Images from Bridgeview event

All photos by William Campos. From top: Jeffrey Betcher, Annette Smith, Eliot and dad Seth Wachtel after Seth wins the Karl Paige and Annette Smith Community Leadership Award. Annette at the mic. Bob Grover, the Mayor of Latona. Brandon Oldham, USF community liaison. Chris Waddling, Palou Garden project leader talks with Seth and Elliott. Irene Molinari, born on Latona (literally), and a powerful community leader. Joel and Mary McClure, Bridgeview Garden project leaders share some love with neighbors. Ralph Schardt, Michael Lee Environmental Foundation Executive Director champions the community. Quesada Gardens neighbors and staffers Tony "Green Goatee" Tarket, Jacob Watta, and Tom Galante.

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