Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Krispy Korner expands food production

One of the most engaging gardens in Bayview is one that combines love of art, cooking, and fresh fruits and vegetables. The Krispy Korner Community Garden is really a group of creative neighbors living near the Bay and amidst the light industry on the eastern side Bayview.

The first garden that emerged from these neighbors' hyper-local community power is the small but stately and very productive one at the intersection of Crisp, Shafter and Palou. When everyone else in the neighborhood were having trouble producing a good tomato, these folks had a bumper crop!

Very recently, new container planting has emerged within a block of the first, including one organizer's kitchen garden outside his home, and another organizer's fruit trees and planting beds for greens across the street from his live/work space.

Informality rules at Krispy Korner, so much so that the spelling of the project name is different depending on who you talk with.  It's a great example of how informal groups are reshaping Bayview from the ground, up.

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