Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big doin's on Bridgeview

Neighbors near the Bridgeview Community Teaching and Learning Garden on Bridgeview Drive at Newhall in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood have been watching a new publicly accessible gathering space take shape just outside the existing garden.

Under the care of extraordinary project leaders, Joel and Mary McClure, who live next to the garden, dozens of pro bono contributors and other volunteers have been engaged in the new work.
Vidal Perez, a Bayview contractor who lives with his family on Thomas, is leading the actual construction of the gathering space, bringing to life a concept that emerged from many community events at the site. The project includes permeable landscaping, a community notice posting board, and a new garden gate that will make the existing garden more accessible for everyone.  The work has been slowed by the rain, but it's still moving forward. Pavers will be installed next, and the new gate and posting board just after that.

An accomplished sculptor who lives nearby is working on concepts for a unique bench for the publicly accessible sitting area ... so that we can all enjoy the view and have a place to rest when we're climbing up from 3rd Street. He will be introduced, along with concepts for the bench, at a celebratory gathering at the site on Saturday, April 16th.

Quesada Gardens has raised funds for this new work from Michael Lee Environmental Foundation, SF Environment, and SF Community Challenge Grant Program. Pro bono design work has been provided by Seth Wachtel and his students at University of San Francisco. Massive volunteerism from many other groups and involved residents is ongoing.
Please watch for details about the Saturday April 16th celebratory event to "launch" the new project. We hope all our neighbors and allies will join us as a show of support, and showcase the Bayview "can-do" approach to community self-definition.

Find more about the history of the Bridgeview Garden project (going back to 2007!) online.

Please join in the fun happening on Bridgeview and Newhall. (There's gardening space available!) Everyone involved is doing this for our community, and loves working and playing alongside neighbors. Donations are needed, will put your or your family's name on the supporters list, and help pay for the bench.

Pictured: Students share design ideas with residents at a community gathering last year.

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