Monday, November 29, 2010

Fresh and Easy's store opening...not so easy

John Gavin, Fresh and Easy's community liaison, met with Bayview Hunters Point food advocates at November's Southeast Sector Food Access working group (SEFA) meeting. He said the store opening at 5800 Third Street is now estimated to happen early in the summer of next year.

That estimate is one of several in recent years as the project stalled with the economic downturn and changes to both 5800 Third Street project developers and Fresh & Easy's own store roll-out strategy. This blog first reported about the new food retailer in December of 2007.

When it opens, the new supermarket will join FoodsCo and SuperSave Market as the neighborhood's only major food retailers.

Gavin also told SEFA that the new Bayview store would employ twenty to thirty people, and that local hiring will be prioritized.

For more:

2007 Bayview Hunters Point Food Preferences survey (used to communicate the community's need and willingness to support new food options in the neighborhood).

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