Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Bayview gardens!

The community-builders associated with the Quesada Gardens Initiative have been hard at work bringing together residents of Bayview to define the place they call home by designing and building gardens, gathering spaces and public art in the heart of the neighborhood.

New projects now emerging include a redesign of the 3rd Street end of the Quesada Gardens median strip (top 2 drawings), an additional public gathering space at the tip of the Bridgeview Teaching and Learning Garden (3rd drawing), and a kitchen garden on Key Avenue to serve the Old Skool Cafe program (4th drawing).

Students from the University of San Francisco have attended community gatherings for each of these projects, recorded the consensus of the groups, and created drawings for the community and governmental agencies who must approve the designs. Highly involved project leaders include Carla Eagleton and Will Allen at Quesada and 3rd, Joel and Mary McClure at Bridgeview, and Teresa Goines and Lisa Kemble at Old Skool. As always, Professor Seth Wachtel is leading the way on the USF end of a longstanding partnership between QGI and the university.

The drawings you find here communicate the vision of Bayview residents working to create a beautiful and safe place for all those who live, work and play in the heart of the neighborhood...a place where people know one another by name.

Coming soon! Look for new work at the Newhall end of the Quesada Gardens median strip, on Palou and Phelps, and at the Latona Community Garden above the 3rd Street Youth Center. Even more projects are on the drawing board, as more Bayview groups join the grassroots change movement connecting people to place, and addressing problems through the social and environmental strengths that have graced Bayview all along.

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