Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yosemite Creek and Marsh

Fascinating environmental history and neighborhood asset

"There's something about San Francisco's bodies of water that people just can't resist. We abuse them, we bury them, we fill them in with rubble and toxins - and then finally when we realize the error of our ways, if we're lucky we can pull them back from the brink. Consider Yosemite Creek, a small but crucial part of the city's watershed..."
See the full article by Matt Baume, a San Francisco writer and photographer covering transit, ecology, and the science of cities, and learn more about our neighborhood's natural history and environmental assets.

Pictured is a portion of an 1890's topographic map (credit: Christopher Richards) showing Yosemite Creek, in the center, flowing into South Basin near Double Rock.

Source: spotsunknown dot com

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