Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rare BVHP community leadership in health policy

People who live in communities like Bayview Hunters Point are often the "target" of public policy and programs meant to help them, but seldom part of the process of developing the strategy. 

The Seva* Partnership, a collaboration between the BVHP community and the University of California Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency program at San Francisco General Hospital has turned all of that on its head.

What are the strengths and barriers to wellness in Bayview Hunters Point? What residents have said might surprise you. In the mix are our beautiful and challenging environment, the power of social cohesion, and responses to violence that are barely on the public policy radar anywhere else.

See a brand new draft of the full Seva* Health Policy & Advocacy document online. While you are there, use the cool interactive tool to leave a comment or two!

Pictured: Sudeep Motupalli Rao, a Seva* team member who organized the second "Seva* Accountability Council" meeting earlier this month, is found reviewing the policy recommendations for wellness in his neighborhood.

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