Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bayview library campaign tells Footprints "Thanks, but no thanks"

In 2009, Bayview Footprints Network members elected to offer our first “Adopt-the-Network” opportunity to the campaign to raise money for furniture and equipment for the new library as a way to provide an existing network of concern to the campaign, and to ensure any future capacity for community-building that we build through the campaign stays in the neighborhood.

The good people at Friends of the San Francisco Public Library considered our offer, and declined it as a complicated change to their existing strategy which has proven so successful in other neighborhoods.

Bayview Footprints thanks the Friends organization for their consideration, and thanks all Bayview Footprints Network members who support the library campaign for their continued involvement. Footprints, too, will continue to support the campaign with occasional updates in Bayview Footprints Local News, though the network will not be a full partner on the campaign.

Bayview Footprints Network member groups should begin considering other “Adopt-the-Network” beneficiaries. Projects chosen would receive regular space in Bayview Footprints Local News, free ads, volunteerism from network members, and the kind of grassroots credibility that comes with the sign of the footprint.

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