Saturday, January 30, 2010

New "guardians" of BVHP food access

The Southeast Food Access (SEFA) Working Group has launched a Food Guardian Project in Bayview Hunters Point.

Sabrina Wu has been hired to coordinate project, and has been working to hire six "Food Guardians" from the neighborhood who will work to improve access to healthy food. Ashley Clark, Kenneth Hill, Jameela Toups, and Antonia Williams are the first to join the Food Guardian team, and are already learning how to raise awareness about sustainable food systems and healthy food access here.

The group will be administering a survey of community members to better understand the affect of a market like Tesco's Fresh and Easy when it opens in neighborhoods like ours.

Sabrina is looking for locations for interviews of women parents or other guardians of young children, and for for bilingual Cantonese and Spanish residents to join her team. Contact her by email or at 415.581.2444.

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