Friday, October 9, 2009

PUC and far-reaching policy

The Public Utilities Commission held a meeting on, October 13th, at the Southeast Community Facility at 1800 Oakdale for all those concerned about Environmental Justice and the city's water infrastructure.

The PUC preceded the meeting with its first workshop on the Wastewater Master Plan to bring those new to the issues up-to-speed. The Wastewater Master Plan is the guiding vision for sewerage infrastructure development 30 years into the future.

Community advocates who have been working on the plan were concerned that the PUC would reduce that plan's status to an internal planning document. They felt that decision would discount years of PUC Citizens Advisory Committee work, and miss an opportunity for an institutionalized and comprehensive program.

The Commission discussed and adopted a PUC-wide Environmental Justice policy. "Environmental Justice" has been part of the PUC's Charter language since Prop E was adopted in 2002. However, the Commission had never adopted a formal or detailed policy.

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