Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Library petition - Bayview residents share views

Photo shows artist's signature on the exterior brickwork sculpture at the old Bayview Branch Library on 3rd and Revere.

A number of respondents to the online petition regarding the new Bayview Branch Library and the brick sculpture that is part of the current building have shared comments. As of 5pm Tuesday, these are those comments, as written:

I think that in today"s world there must be a way to move the artist work to some new room within the new building and use it as a background wall. So what if it cause a few dollars more.

I have been going to the Bayview Branch Library since I was a kid. I remember when it was in a small storefront next to Fuller Pharmacy. I was glad when the Waden facility was built because my neighborhood deserved a better library. I want the same for my child now. I do deeply respect and appreciate art, but a single piece should not hold up this project. There are new artist in Bayview Hunters Point who deserve to be nurtured in a beautiful new facility. This is a much bigger issue than protecting the artistic expression of a single individual. Please do allow our new library to be held hostage to a well meaning but narrow artistic point of view. Our babies come before bricks.

I live 2 blocks from the library, and have been to nearly all of the planning meetings for the new branch. It is very important that the new library be built as soon as possible. It is an invaluable resource for our neighborhood, and the new art that has been commissioned is fantastic. I like the old sculpture, but it just doesn't work with the new library.

We need a new face 3rd street face is changing so we must change with the times. The kids deserve a new library San Bruno has one south of market has one why bayview can have one. If they want the sulpute take it out perserve it and when we rebuild put it back or put it in a glass display so the whole world can see but don't deprive the kids just because a slulpure or is that the real reason. let's be fare.

I believe there should be a place in the Shipyard for this piece. Our children need this new library.

I'm a resident who really would like to see our library receive some well deserved renovations and if that means standing up for my children and I all 4 of them 2 in college who definitely use the space when ever their home and 2 in high school we should be able to have a word in what happens in our community.NOT to mention that I look at the space daily and I don't know if that's true for someone who does'nt even live in our community. So it make me wonder who's interest and investment are we thinking of a community or the ego of an artist. Any positive change in our Bayview community should be welcomed by anyone who has the best interest of our children and families in mind.

I understand that the sculpture (and the library building itself) was created at a time of turmoil in the Bayview/Hunters Point, we are again in a period of turmoil and the renovation of the library space will be part of the renaissance of the BVHP. Preserviing the work, in a different location, will maintain the history while at the same time allowing new history to be made.

We attended planning & design meetings that were very well publicized- where was the artist/former architect then?

Please send a picture

It is part of this community history

Let's keep the progress on 3rd Street moving forward!!

If possible, the costs of relocating the sculpture should not be borne by the artist! There may be state laws regarding the destruction of artwork without the artist's consent that may be problematic and vexatious if ignored.

destroying the artwork is unacceptable. The SFPL/BLIP should have foreseen this issue. If the piece is to be moved it should be done using City/SFPL funds.

Our community needs and deserves a new library. We have worked hard to plan one, even after funding for our library was moved to the bottom of the list. Please don't delay this project further. The new design will be a catalyst for further renovation in our Town Center and will provide a beautiful and light-filled public space for our children.

I've worked in the Bayview community for 1 1/2 yrs and support the new library
I was a librarian at the Branch during some of these community meetings, and the meeting room was always crowded with residents. The project should stay on schedule and allow the new artwork and building to move on.

Listen to the Bayview Residents!!!

The community needs this new library now!

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