Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School children with asthma: Get help at school

Rene Gonzalvez wants children who have asthma and their parents to know that their public school can help.

Rene, Executive Director of the Alpha and Omega Asthma Resource Center in Bayview Hunters Point, is helping get the word out about the Asthma Action Plan.

“Most people don’t know about this resource,” he said in a phone interview recently, “and children can suffer as a result.”

Every public school should have Asthma Action Plan forms available, forms that can alert teachers to the special needs of students with asthma, make it possible for children to carry inhalers in school, and even help families obtain often expensive medications at no cost.

Asthma is much more prevalent in Bayview Hunters Point than most other San Francisco neighborhoods, can have severe health consequences for young people, and raises a barrier to achievement at school.

The Asthma Action Plan emerged as a key recommendation from the San Francisco Asthma Task Force, and is supported by prominent state and national healthcare organizations.

“Parents of children with asthma should ask their children’s teachers or the school’s principal about the Asthma Action Plan,” Rene said.

For more information, stop by the Alpha and Omega Asthma Resource Center at 4909 Third Street


Anonymous said...

Medication forms (to have inhaler or any other meds at school) and care plans for asthma, allergy, seizures can be found at:

By state law, the student MUST have a medication form completed by parent and doctor/nurse practitioner in order to have any medication at school, even if inhaler is carried in backpack and used without staff assistance.

Sue Weaver, School District Nurse

Thymian said...

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