Friday, June 5, 2009

Law enforcement focuses on 3rd

Several residents have contacted Footprints about recent experiences with crime along the 3rd Street corridor. (See more online). Captain John Loftus, Bayview Police Station, is focusing on this issue:
"Merchants and community members on Third Street have voiced concerns over conditions in the business corridor. The residents and businesses feel chronic loitering, graffiti, public intoxication, and a general lack of cleanliness are hampering the growth and vitality of this business district. Bayview Station seeks to help address these issues by increasing the number of foot and bicycle patrols in the area and enlisting the assistance of private and public agencies in a coordinated response.

This mission will be accomplished by addressing illegal activity and quality of life issues with intensive, concentrated enforcement operations. The primary component of this operation will be the Third Street foot and bicycle beats, operating under the direct supervision of Sergeant Howard Weathersby.

Additional Bayview uniform and plainclothes resources will supplement the foot and bicycle patrols for the first 30 days of this operation.

The Department of Public Works and the Department of Parking and Traffic will be called upon to assist in this operation, and other agencies will asked to provide support as needed.

The police department will also encourage the cooperation and support of the community in this program. The Bayview Merchant’s Association and Bayview Rotary Club have expressed interest in participating in this operation. Sergeant Weathersby will act as liaison with these groups.

Let me know if you need any additional information. You should begin seeing an increased presence in the area on Monday."

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