Sunday, June 21, 2009

Images from ART 94124 festival

Juan mugs for the camera while Ben checks out a freshly screened T shirt.
Everyone wore a crown, compliments of the Family Arts Table created by Marc Ellen Hamel, who also donated the supplies, and supported by Arts 94124.
Herb hung out at the gallery, and stopped to pose by one of his glass pieces.
Nosh turned folks on to her popcorn and business.
Sarah Stangle got props from everyone for keeping things on track.
A steady stream of fair-goers kept the scene lively.
Lucinda (right) brought a friend to enjoy the beautiful weather and artsy scene.
Cyclecide was a breakaway hit with kids and adults alike.
Brian and Jim made their way from Latona. Brian pitched in with the set-up.
Ever wonder where ART 94124 organizer Jerald gets his great smile? Now you know. Pictured is Jerald and his mom and aunt at the arts fair.

photos credit: Betcher

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