Monday, April 27, 2009

Library and Footprints unveils art concepts

The Bayview branch library will be demolished. But don't worry...our neighborhood will get a brand new branch library that occupies the lot at Third and Revere where the current structure is, as well as the lot next to it on Third Street.

Art is being selected for the interior of the building, something that could influence the exterior, too, as the architects continue the design process.

Three artists are finalists for the art commission in what has been a very competitive process. Those finalists, Marion Coleman, Mildred Howard, and Ron Saunders, are each presenting the concept for artwork that could grace the new building.

The campaign to raise funds for furniture and equipment is part of the Adopt-the-Network strategy that the Bayview Footprints Network recently launched. The library, where founding member organization Bayview History Preservation Project is based, is the first organization to use the Network for a specific project.
You can meet the artists, see presentations about their concepts, and learn more about the new building on Tuesday, April 28th at the branch on Third and Revere. The fun starts at 6pm.
If you miss the event, you can still stop by the branch and see the concepts. Leave a comment card to influence the final decision.

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