Thursday, February 19, 2009

Environmental justice grants reviewed

Several Bayview Hunters Point organizations receive grant money from the San Francisco Department of the Environment, including the Quesada Gardens Initiative. A recent article in the Potrero View by Herman Wong provides some insight into that grants program and projects that serve our neighborhood.

In addition to the Quesada Gardens Initiative, other Bayview Footprints Network member groups are mentioned: Hunters Point Family and Literacy for Environmental Justice. Tony Tarket (pictured), a Quesada Avenue resident and key volunteer is quoted in the opening of the article:

A year ago the dirt patch at the corner where Bridgeview Drive slopes down to Newhall Street in the Bsyview District stood empty. Today it’s a vibrant community garden, with 12 volunteer gardeners. Green beans grow on three terraced levels, like giant steps; a concrete path connects a row of sunflowers to a new fence along a dirt path. The garden has beautified the hillside and provided food for its growers. It’s also created its own community. “I get to know my neighbors and that’s our biggest push, to get people out of their homes and learn to grow with us,” said Anthony Tarket, one of Bridgeview Garden’s green thumbs.

See the full article here.

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