Sunday, January 25, 2009

A & A Photography - Ready for your closeup

What's in a name?

In the case of A & A Photography, the answer is Arnella Williams and her son Alonzo Williams. A & A is the newest business on Third Street, next door to Upper Crust Deli at Revere, and is offering photography to meet all the community’s needs.

“I was raised in the neighborhood,” Alonzo said recently, “and wanted to start a business that helps the community.”

Alonzo has a sincere way about him, and is easy to believe. But check the price sheet, and you know he’s real. Need a quick professional photo of your new girlfriend or boyfriend for your wallet? Get one, and 55 copies for your jealous friends…all for just $16!

A & A Photography occupies a storefront divided by one of several backdrop rolls hanging from the ceiling. There seems to be a backdrop for all occasions. Stand in front of graffiti hearts for a youthful pose, or sit on a park bench for an old style studio portrait.

A & A offers a range of services, including wedding and church event photography, and is the go-to place for anyone building a modeling portfolio. The business specializes in the family portrait, and the increasingly popular pet portrait.

Alonzo’s brother, James Williams, slid behind the counter for a quick picture of the nonprofessional kind. “I’m photogenic,” he said, and then grinned to prove the point.

A & A is an inviting place that illustrates the Bayview most people have yet to discover…a place where friendly family businesses pop up to meet the needs of residents…a place where you can have a professional and artful portrait taken even though funky phone pics seem to rule…a place where the people on both sides of the business counter truly care about their community.

Walk in to A & A Photography (5112 3rd Street) Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm, or make an appointment (415.822.FOTO).

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