Sunday, October 5, 2008

First SF Obama office opens in BVHP!

Diane Wesley Smith is the Obama '08 District 10 Campaign Chairperson, adding another community contribution to her long list. Both as a real estate professional and as a social justice advocate, this lifelong Bayview Hunters Point resident is a bundle of energy charged with making life better for her community...and now the country!

Ms. Smith turns in this report of the opening of the first office in San Francisco for the election of Barak Obama to the office of President of the United States. The Quesada Gardens Initiative is grateful for her report, and for her commitment to the community.

We are native San Franciscans from Bayview Hunters Point who opened the first Obama Campaign Office in San Francisco on September 6th.

We are involved in a massive voter registration drive, and want to make sure our community of Bayview Hunters Point and District 10 are known as a "voting population."

We registered almost 200 people at our first Vote Early Voters Registration Drive and BBQ on September 13th at the Obama Campaign Office on Third Street.

The Obama '08 Campaign Office in San Francisco's District 10 is the first Obama '08 Presidential Campaign Office to open in San Francisco. There was an air of progress and change in the community of Bayview Hunters Point last weekend during the Grand Opening of the District #10 office.

Supervisor Sophie Maxwell said, "I wouldn't miss an opportunity to help Barack Obama become our nation's next president. I will make calls, travel or do whatever is needed. Just call me."

Volunteers at the opening talked incessantly about the importance of voting. And I agree.

"This is a very exciting time in our country," I said, when it was my turn at the microphone. "I believe that we are the ones we have been waiting for, just as our presidential candidate Barack Obama stated. No one will take care of us. No one should take care of us. We can and must take care of ourselves. For too long, others have determined our destiny. It is time for us to step up and get involved. I am with Supervisor Maxwell in that I will do everything I can to help Mr. Obama get to the White House."

"The BVHP REPS sponsors this Obama Campaign Office because we have a responsibility to our country and, more specifically, to Bayview Hunters Point. To that end we have donated office space and funds to run the District 10 Obama Campaign office out of our pockets. We must do all we can for Change and Progress!"

Bob Primus and Rochelle Merritt, two of the many Obama supporters who took time out of their busy schedule to volunteer, both agreed. "Many people died for the right to vote," they noted. "That is where change happens."

Samuel Smith, another volunteer, said, "when a person takes the time to vote, they are interested enough to do something about what they like or dislike about our great country. What a great feeling of empowerment!"

If you are feeling powerless, give the Obama Campaign Office in District 10 a call. It will lift your spirits and give you new hope for the future of our troubled country and our community.

Contact: Obama '08 Campaign Office - San Francisco District 10
BVHP REPS 4 Obama '08!
4636 Third Street @ Newcomb Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 821-2847

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