Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who is Lindy and why is he hopping?!

Are your feet itching to move? Well let them dance on over to the Bayview Koshland Fellows' free dance lessons on Monday, August 4th. It's "old skool," sure, but that skool knew how to twirl and spin like no other.

The Koshland Fellows are a group of community leaders who, together, experienced a fellowship program through the San Francisco Foundation, and are now putting their fellowship to work (and play) in Bayview. These amazing movers and shakers want nothing less than to revive the "old skool dance hall nights."

Get your groove on every Monday night beginning August 4th from 6pm to 7:30pm at the Bayview Opera House on Third and Newcomb.
Hot tip: The Koshland folks aren't telling, but word is that Friday nights are going to be big in Bayview once again, too.

So, Who is Lindy? Some say the Lindy Hop was named after Charles Lindbergh who flew the Atlantic in 1926 earning the nickname "Lucky Lindy." However, the dance itself was born in Harlem in about 1927 during the "Harlem Renaissance," just one of a loooooong list of cultural-shaping contributions African-Americans made back in the day...and are making still.

Not a Lindy Hopper? Well, queue up the Salsa! Dance, don't walk, to your Monday night festivities.

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