Monday, June 16, 2008

What happens when Bayview kids get bored?

The children who live on Quesada Avenue often drift out to the garden to ward off the universal summertime mantra of youth: "I'm bored." This past Sunday, they found Shane and James working on the irrigation system, and they were curious.

Nathan and Marquez (top) began learning how the system works, and pitched in with the work. Shanika, shown holding Timo, learned later contributed bubbles to the afternoon's community gathering.

Shane King, James Ross, and Tony Tarket have been project-leading the irrigation system development. James and Tony had, just the day before, helped out with the Founders' Memorial construction.

Between heavy lifting at the Memorial the prior day, and just before irrigation system fiddling commenced, James found his way to Palou and Griffith where he and Cyrus, a good friend of Quesada Gardens, spent a couple hours clearing a lot for a new garden. These amazing residents show that what makes Bayview Hunters Point so truly remarkable isn't just the great weather!

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