Monday, June 30, 2008

Quesada Kids Community Fruit Stand

The Quesada Kids Community Fruit Stand was the talk of Third Street over the weekend. Shane King organized half a dozen youngsters to harvest his backyard plum tree and sell the fruit at the tip of the Quesada Garden near Third. The fruit sold out in about an hour, the kids made more money than they expected, passers-by LOVED the idea, and everyone wants more of the same.

Shane and the kids could use your help. If you have a fruit tree ready to harvest, please email or call 415.822.0800 and let us know. We'll do our best to harvest it and leave you with some fruit while making sure the rest goes to good use. The fruit should be good, of course, which could rule out some older trees or trees that haven't been adequately watered this season.

Or give a couple hours of your time to the project to help the kids out. Maybe you have experience with fruit trees, or setting up attractive sidewalk stands, or helping kids understand basic business.

If you have a pole-picker or other harvesting tool, we need that kind of thing too.

Watch for the fruit stand on weekends, depending on how many volunteers and trees we find. You can't miss it. The kids' smiles can be seen from a couple blocks away.

Pictures (from top): Shanika and Sabrina; Sabrina harvesting plums; Shanika, Sabrina, Marquez, Arrin, and Nathan bringing fruit to the people.

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