Sunday, June 1, 2008

Past, present and future intersect at Sylvester House

History came alive Friday evening at the Sylvester House, as it so often does. The stunning Victorian landmark on Revere is the home of Dan Dodt and Linda Blacketer (pictured on the left) who hosted a celebration of the successful effort to protect the Shipwright's Cottage at India Basin as a marker of the neighborhood's working class and maritime history.

The event was also hosted by Adrian Card who, with partner John Tinker, has restored a Victorian home on Oakdale. Adrian, in addition to co-founding the Bayview Historical Society, is also a capable cook (if we are to judge by the Mac and Cheese dish he brought!)

Dozens of active Bayview residents who worked toward landmarking the cottage at 900 Innes Avenue gathered to applaud one another on the completion of a campaign that had been waged for years. Ideas for next steps include creating an historic district that includes the cottage which sits on about an acre of land that is notable for being the only privately-owned waterfront land in the entire city.

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