Friday, June 20, 2008

Fire in 94124 devastes businesses

A 2 alarm fire early this morning destroyed CHM Fine Furniture, a family-owned business on Apparel Way, and caused extensive damage to two other businesses in the same structure. According to the Chronicle, a Fire Department spokesperson said the owner of the business "was very devastated."

The information below is taken from CHM's website.
CHM is a family-owned and operated business, serving San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, specializing in woodcarving, reproduction and antique restoration.

It began 36 years ago in Istanbul, when CHM's master woodcarver, Cemil Akgul, discovered a passion for working with wood under the tenacious guidance and knowledge of his late father-in-law. In time, Cemil became highly recognized in Istanbul for his unique style and quality of workmanship. When he was made an offer to continue his trade with an invitation from Israel, he took the opportunity and continued his mastery in woodcarving and antique restoration abroad.

Now, having continued the trade for 16 years in the US, his business opens in San Francisco with the help of his son, Hakan, who is an apprentice in the making.
Concerned neighbors can express concern to

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