Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stop by Javalencia this evening - Just for US!

The community-minded business people behind one of Bayview's anchor businesses, Javalencia Cafe, are hosting a social gathering this evening as part of "Just for Us...and YOU TOO!"

Servio and Mayra, Javalencia owner/operators, are driving forces behind "Art 94124" (a group of artists and others who have created an art gallery and are planning the first of what will be many fabulous events). We'll actually be doing some art this evening as Marc Ellen Hamel shares brushes and color so we can all have some fun on a canvas!!!

"Just for Us" is a traveling monthly social gathering, and it looks different every month depending on the place. A gathering at Javelencia means that we'll be celebrating community business and art. Please stop by to have a bite, play with art, and show neighbors what a strong community looks like.

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