Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just for Us at Webspot

Just for Us...and YOU TOO! swept through Bayview's newest business on Thursday. Footprints thanks FJ Cava, Webspot owner, for his hospitality. We had a great time!

Queued up for those stopping by: "Bayview Is..." campaign photo-taking, pot luck buffet (Nan, you're brownies were amazing!), short videos about our community on various computers around the cafe, loads of information about community-building work going on, and just plan neighborhood fun.

Denise Woo, who manages our Wells Fargo branch at Bayview Plaza was there to accept our deepest thanks for Wells' support of the Footprints newsletter. If you haven't seen the April issue: enjoy it here.

Pictured is Neal Hatton, Anchor Program Coordinator for the YMCA, observing the festivities. Photo by Heidi Hardin.

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